XcelTec provide the following PhoneGap Development Services
• A comprehensive mobile solution for your business with the help of PhoneGap
• Re-drafting present mobile applications with innovative modifications
• PhoneGap Consulting Solutions
• Creation of PhoneGap plug-ins
• Distinctly tailored app development to fulfill your business necessities.
Why XcelTec?
• Qualified and skilled developers working on your individualized developed project in a dedicated manner
• A group of steadfast developers talented at creating top-notch mobile apps, which are compliant with W3C technologies a
Our expert iOS team is well experienced and skilled enough to develop safe, scalable mobile apps for the iOS platform. We constantly update ourselves to stay abreast of the most recent modifications let out by Apple. Our team assures of total dedication on this elite platform.
We provide the following solutions:
iOS Viability Analysis
iOS Application Ideation & Design
iOS Application Development
Re-drafting Mobile Application design
iOS Game Designing & Development
Testing over numerous devices
Deployment of iOS App on Apple Store
Implementation Services
Advantages of XcelTec in iOS
Ruby On Rails is a potent, evolving open source web development technology. It is renowned for building web applications with quickness and simplicity. It provides intrinsic assistance for RAD (Rapid Application Development) without complexity.
Services we offer:
Rails 2.x, 3.x and 4.x
Version Ruby 1.8.6 and higher
Database management systems like MySQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle
Testing Tools such as New Relic, RSpec
Proxy/Web Servers such as Apache2, HA-Proxy
Deploying Application using Capistrano, Webistrano on Servers such as Heroku, Cloud Infrastructure
Rails Application Servers such a
XcelTec has been involved in various custom development assignments utilizing Microsoft tech. Our specialized group of experts and coders have worked exhaustively in creating apps making use of Microsoft tech particularly ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, WPF, Silverlight, SharePoint, BizTalk Server. Our team has developed applications for different functional areas and industries.
Areas of Expertise:
VB.Net, C#
ASP, ASP.Net, Ajax, Silverlight, XML/XSLT, XHTML, IIS, RESTful Services using WCF
MOSS 2007, SharePoint Server 2013, WSS, SharePoint Foundation 2010
BizTalk Server, Jitterbit, WCF, MSMQ
With more than a decade of experience and expertise in the IT realm, the XcelTec promoter team has established a well-earned reputation in providing product re-engineering solutions. Product engineering needs a considerable extent of technical knowhow, a finer grasp of the IT procedures, SDLC and a fervent desire in clientele distinction.
What is Product Re-Engineering?
Product re-engineering involves changing an already present product for its betterment. This includes rectifying its bugs and mistakes, appending additional features in conjunction with reduced down-times. One of the most po
Developing the right, maximized solution on a modern technology and platform takes care of the lion’s share of the task.
XcelTec possesses a vast expertise and understanding in offering the complete range of preparation, assistance and upkeep services once the solutions have been executed and setup effectively.
Services we provide
Technical Support
Bug Fixing & Skinning
Change Request
Improvement, Upgrade to newest version, Migration
Adding latest facets, functionalities, Testing,
Answer back time within a maximum of 24 Hours
Get in touch through Email/Chat/Phone Support
E-Commerce has grown manifolds over time and has become the defect to web tool for both existence and triumph in an era engulfed by networks. This has become even more pronounced with the dawn of the next level of automation.
Tools and Technologies:
Web Servers
Web Authoring Tool
Database Systems
Why XcelTec?
XcelTec has an enviable profile of having served as an invaluable tech partner to its clients in a considerably short span of time. This exact trait has also been envisaged in our e-commerce projects. Therefore, whether it is a multiple currency, variable geographical location base
A vigorous content management system take on the hurdles faced with aplomb. A properly administered CMS gives business people with immediate access to the data right on their fingertips. This aids them to perform their duties effectively and also lets them make precise choices. Therefore, a complete CMS that comes with online content management, digital asset management, enterprise content integration can be a huge boon to assist companies to prioritize and maximize the worth of information at far lesser budgets all through the data cycle. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the most popular and